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Affordable Slov€nia

Slovenia, like most of Europe, experienced a Real estate boom in the mid-2000s followed by several years of decline between 2008 and 2012, offering an attractive opportunity for individual investments. Concurrently the virtual mobility, based on internet exchanges, functions as advertising of the Affordable Slovenia. Natural landscape is being shared, houses are being advertised, cities let themselves be known and the interest for property investment of the Italian neighbour is rising, moving segments of Italian families just across the border. Questioning whether crossing this invisible line is the result of the vanished Italian affordability for a high quality life and investigating the role that the virtual mobility has in this process, the project portrays the Italian interest for properties that results in physical migration. A dialogue between virtual and physical voice manifests the state of Affordable, today, hanging in the balance between primarily need and exclusivity.

by Simon Beckmann, Martina Muzi, Silvia Dini Modigliani

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This map was realized to accompany the video-documentary Affordable Slov€nia. Based on the interviews made in the field, all the data of this map come from the opinion/knowledge of the interviewees (Italians and Slovenians) and wants to give an overview of the feelings around the migration of Italians to Slovenia because of property affordability.

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affordable slovenia map

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art director
Martina Muzi

Silvia Dini Modigliani
Martina Muzi

Simon Beckmann

Simon Beckmann
Silvia Dini Modigliani

Silvia Dini Modigliani

Alessia Santoro

virtual voice
Tamar Shafrir

special thanks to
Ermanno Bonazzi
Gabriele Mariotti

and thanks to all the Slovenian and Italian interviewees.

This project was supported by MAO Museum of Architecture and Design, Ljubljana, for the Bio50 Exhibition