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The demonstration, Italy. A temporary medium that walks through a specific space arranged with the authorities, that lasts for a specific time arranged with the authorities. A medium used to gather people together, to take the space of the city back, to see how many people think as you do, to inform as many people as you can, to go out of the four walls of your house, to feel an active citizen, to give existence to a problem through a physical presence in the street. Do the individuals in the crowd of a demonstration think the same about the medium they are using? The opinions and the doubts around this medium are concentrated in one short movie, that wants to start a debate about the medium itself: is it still valid?

This is the teaser of One, No One and One Hundred Thousands Doubts:

Each shoe is a gait, each gait is a different concept of the world

from Bianca, a movie by Nanni Moretti