hidden eindhoven

From research on the notions of monumentality, temporality and the identity of Eindhoven and its station, the group tutored by Herman Verkerk found together as “9“ with the aim to create a ‘temporary monument’. As a place in constant transformation the station reflects on the (cultural) identity of the city. By sharing stories about the ‘hidden’ within the city, its inhabitants are given the opportunity to shape the identity of their city.

final website-01

Designed by 9 students, 3 smaller group cared about three different areas of the project.

Identity and Communication Group // Hui Chun Chen, Vaatika Dabra, Silvia Dini Modigliani (me).

We developed the visual identity of the project and a teaser campaign that would be produced in the weeks before the starting of the Hidden Eindhoven project. They both reflects the aim of the project: to reveal the identity of the city of Eindhoven through anonimous stories, told by the citizens, based on personal memories.

Visual identity comprehended: Hidden Eindhoven final cards printed inside the Monument, 4-week teaser campaign, interface of the screen on the mobile device that collects stories, website.

Colour chosen: fluorescent yellow

stories filled_bigger_1

Card – one of the stories collected in the city

螢幕快照 2012-07-01 下午11.09.25

teaser campaign – floor


week 1


week 2


week 3


week 4

Mobile Device Group // Tristan Girard, Martina Muzi, Tauras Stalnionis // A mobile device going through the city would gather stories from citizens and send them directly to the monument at the trainstation.

Monument Group // Alexandre Humbert, Guillaume Neu-Rinaudo, Jeannette Petrik // The monument is in the trainstation and it’s a container of the hidden stories of Eindhoven, travellers could pick up the stories, collect them, discover the city.