(unplug it)

A manual on reduction of energy use at home, only by drawings. (DAE assignment)

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This manual is for families, with a particular attention to the members who pay the bills.
It is designed in a way to connect the less energy consumption to money saving and reduction of CO2 emissions. From daily behavior to practical and intangible consequences – this three figures are shown as a unique mutliple consequence of daily actions.
The manual is organized in tips, with a personalized illustration of the suggested action, some pictographic drawings to explain the technical meaning of it, and pictograms to visualize the ethical and individual consequences.
This double style of representation wants to appear to the reader both as a personal speech and as a technical and serious communication according to datas, trying to instaure a trustful relationship with him. Its aim is to convince families to start with those little steps on daily behaviour in view of bigger and more radical changes.

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for the whole manual, you can download it here.